Jeff Hayduke

Herrell seems to be the New Mexican Trump, a whiny and idiotic loser. New Mexicans (and Americans) have voted that they don't want Herrell or Trump.

Antifa doesn't attack only conservative speakers. There is clearly not a connection in your slippery slope of vandalism via a pattern of influence from Democrats. Your logic is laughable.

Some people don't write well in English.

It is sad and terrifying that raping children is part of the leadership culture in Catholicism.

Faulty jump to talk of economics there, Drew, when you ought to be thinking more ecologically. Ranching is more destructive to land than elk in the short and long run. You seem to think everyone wants to consume meat, but many people don't. Think of how interdependent food systems are, ev…

This is absolutely right. Prayer has no place in the chamber.

Student health centers already exists. The money for SB 56 should go to student health centers that all students, including student-athletes, can go to.

Pitiful how cops need to be reminded to do their jobs. "Operation Downtown Focus" seems like optional work and a two week window is not enough to cause change.

What she said is the reasonable practice and expectation of how politicians are supposed to listen to and represent constituents.

Cops can be considered dangerous. If this passes will law enforcement be able to confiscate guns from other law enforcement?