Jeff Varela

Call it "housecleaning" or whatever. City Hall needs a reality check and some prudence. Joanne will get it done!

Webber continues to play the mantra of pro-development at the expense of city services and resources. He has tunnel-vision and cannot see the forest through the trees. The Council is paralyzed therefore don't expect any proactive planning from them. It's a matter of time before the existi…

"The PERA board has been beset by infighting for years, arguing over everything from snacks to parliamentary procedures.

For months, the panel has been unable to reach consensus over the election of a chairperson. Key staffers have jumped ship this year. PERA’s chief investment offi…

"City councilors approved a $254,000 contract last week with the Albuquerque-based firm Artful Life to facilitate its Culture, History, Art, Reconciliation and Truth process, kicking off what is expected to be 10 months of group discussions." More than a quarter million $ to address an is…

Good to have baseball playing again at Ft. Marcy. Who cares who endorses Webber. Any photo-op this phony mayor will gladly take!

Having been associated with Larry Chavez, Sr. and his work with Rio Rancho public schools, there is optimism for SFPS with Chavez, Jr. as Superintendent.

Couldn't fill her obligation to serving the people of Dist. 48, so this Dem. party operative gets a plush job with RLD. Political patronage goes a long way in the MLG administration. Now Trujillo gets to practice her law as the recreational pot czar.

Another example of city government the can't govern and seeks committees to hind behind when decisions are made. Phony mayor...phony policies.

Republican and Democrat Gov.'s have misspent $$$ for years. What is sad about the MLG response (by another staffer) is this..."“As our office has said, while we acknowledge that some of the staff purchases through the fund were more than what was necessary, none made were outside of the b…

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