Jeff Varela

There are other stories of MLG "claim to fame." And for her to be quick to indict Sen. Michael Padilla for his mistakes...hypocrite! Deb Armstrong alibi is another "mee too" gesture for her mentor MLG.

"Johnston could not be more of a contrast to Speaker Egolf, who is progressive in his politics but practical about what it takes to run New Mexico." Don't be duped by this editorial...Egolf places his "progressive" agenda" before public service. And he will put people and causes for this …

He said the commission can’t hire for the new jobs until Coleman’s office rubber stamps the reclassifications.

Because most of the PRC employees are "classified" personnel under the Personnel Act, they must adhere to the personnel rules and processes as all other agencies employing …

Doran said. “We can’t count on Wall Street returns to bail us out anymore.” This is why contribution and benefit adjustments (COLA) are necessary. PERA is not going to invest it's way out of the solvency problems. Get it?

About time that a studied and reasonable recommendation has been proposed. Current PERA Board could've/should've come up with this proposal over a year ago. Let's proceed to get this passed during the legislative session.

Steve Terrell is generational Santa Fe. Rep. Varela trusted one journalist...and that was Steve Terrell. Stay close to the community Steve, enjoy quality time in retirement.

Jeff V.


Geez...can the the New Mexican produce information on the effectiveness of this full-time Mayor? Sure this Mayor has plenty of quantifiable accomplishments under his hat!

NM ranks at the top in the U.S. in crime and crime prevention. While our Governor ignores and demoralizes the District Attorney's and Corrections Dept. NM will continue to play politics with the entire criminal justice system. The Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission (JPEC) is a jok…

The Senate District is primarily a Taos County district represented by a Taos County resident (Sen. Cisneros). Rep. Gonzales knows and is generational Taos County. The County Commission has nominated him...It's obvious who the right choice should be.