James Hopf

Even if it were true that cancer risk scales directly with radiation exposure all the way down to zero (and most of the evidence suggests that it's not true), allowing some level of release (or public exposure) is justified. That's how it works for all other types of pollution and potenti…

I'm opposed to more pit production as well, but it seems that for many commenters here, (valid) opposition to various LANL activities is an excuse to throw science out the window.

We're talking about a prediction, based on extremely conservative analyses, that a single (or small num…

Especially considering that the statement comes from the NRDC, which is generally an anti-nuclear organization. If (even) they don't think it's an issue, it's NOT and issue!

The double standards being applied here are absurd. One has to wonder what the real motivations are.

There has never been any harm caused (or significant radiation released) from either storage or transportation of nuclear waste. Storing spent nuclear fuel on a site on a remote site…

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