Isabelle Sandoval

Be fair. Zip codes. Ages. Medical Conditions. Race/ethnicity. Be fair.

Be fair. Be equitable. NM DOH numbers for the two largest groups-Whites, 686,000 persons with 19% partial and 10% full vaccinations, and Hispanics, 781,000 persons with 14% partial and 8% full vaccinations in the state. Be fair. Be equitable.

How is equity of vaccines already administered enforced in the selection process of essential workers, zip code, age, medical condition, sex, & race/ethnicity? A report of these categories of vaccines administered is necessary for effective communication.

What is the equity of vaccines administered? How many vaccines were administered for essential workers, zip code, age, medical condition, sex, & race/ethnicity?

The NMDOH public dashboard categorizes COVID cases by age, sex, and race/ethnicity. Is there a report for vaccines administered to persons in Santa Fe County by age, sex, and race/ethnicity? This information enhances and clarifies who

has been immunized while providing facts for pla…

I hope the Santa Fe Community College pool opens soon! This pool is another viable community resource for swimming!

I appreciate the City of Santa Fe providing swimming opportunities for young and adult swimmers. The pandemic has restricted safe physical activity. I hope the Santa Fe Community College opens pools for the community. Santa Fe residents pay for the safe use of these facilities. I hope all…

Education is essential to health, safety and happiness. The community has been supportive by voting for bond issues. Institutions of higher education offering high-quality classes for degree and continuing education students of all ages enrich a vibrant diverse community of learners and s…

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