Diego Mondragon

Actually, I do take it back. All good. These are some really good lyrics. Great poetry!

Wtf does this even mean you moron?

You and your group of tree huggers should be in Texas then, right? We look forward to greeting you morons next week! :)

I do support my rights. I supported my rights and the rights of you, as a three time Iraq war vet bud. I saw things you and Gordon couldn't even imagine, so that ignorance can prevail in this country and give people like you the right to not wear masks, like it's a life or death situation…

The police may have a hard time picking you off one at a time, but I certainly won't. Thank God you're David in NH and not David in NM. This Gordon moron and his flock of tree huggers should March their as**j straight out of SF. Because you moved here years ago does NOT make this your tow…

Good job AD Nunez! Pass up Michael Cooper for another coach with a losing record. Please fire yourself soon.

Leave it to Nunez to hire yet another coach with another losing record whom will be fired yet again in 3-4 years. This guy needs to fire himself already. HIRE MICHAEL COOPER. HE WANTS THE JOB AND IS A PRIME CANDIDATE YOU DUMB*** NUNEZ.

Feel bad for Weir because his heart is in the right place, but it's the same ole' comments every year. He needs to be replaced.

If the AD of UNM plans on keeping Weir, they should just go back to the WAC because he clearly is not head coach material for The Mountain West. Although by the looks of this team, I'm not sure the WAC would even be a good fit.

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