Christina Gill

Many registered adults have not gotten their appointments for vaccination yet, so why is the governor opening this to teen agers. Where is the disconnect, every adult who is registered should have the opportunity to receive a vaccination before it is opened to teenagers.

Seniors are not being prioritized period. We have an extremely unhealthy population due to type 2 diabetes which is largely preventable those people are being prioritized over senior citizens. There are also numerous people who have jumped the line by knowing using someone, or before the …

Well said and well needed to be said, thank you.

So disappointed that people in this city still believe a war on the poor is an answer to protecting their life style, what ever that may be. The location is well suited for the purpose. Without low income housing there will be no service workers for the upper class to be able to have hous…

This looks like a great start with esential elements being addressed, I look forward to viewing the past and future Utube presentations unfortunately we received a notice via mail of last nights presentation in Mondays mail, for the Monday evening meeting, since I fortunate to still be wo…

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