Arnold Mayberg

How about some evidence to back up your conspiracy theory. Actually, I heard that Martians found The obelisk found offensive to their planet, and paid the protesters to remove it, if in fact they were not actually Martians in disguise who tore it down.

"Has anyone written about the …

RIP, you will be missed.

I hope the Dept of Defense has high standards (as lives depend on it). I also hope she can meet these high standards, and perhaps bring in useful innovation, while fulfilling the contract.

Congratulations, very impressive! Mucho dinero.

This is one for Outside Magazine

SGN Some Good News! Thank you, great job.

It was because of the fricking pandemic. Your statement is completely out of context. It has shocked me how government has let down the independent restaurant business while saving banks, airlines and others.

SNG Some Good News! Thanks

And what about the mortgages, food needs, and other bills for those out of work?

Wineries should be allowed to open. With their vast area they are made for social distancing and should really safely thrive during this pandemic. They are also one of the few venues where live music can be heard at the moment. I will be heading to an out of state winery myself today.

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