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Please remember that a lot of those shoppers may have lost a job or be close to losing a job and cannot afford the extra expense of delivery. We are all doing our best. My shopping lists have become a choice of how many items are enough to risk going versus how many items require too long…

Mr. Pearce,

Your talking points are both sad and laughable.

Rep. Jason Harper finally found a tax cut that a Republican doesn't like. Who would have thunk it?

Apparently what the lottery board fails to realize is that the lottery playing public can do the math. Bigger prizes don't mean a thing if there is absolutely next to zero chance to win. You can't lose if you don't play!

I agree that it needs to be needs based but also has to have a…

the link is not working

Typical political blather is more like it. I agree with Ms. Strohem. If you drive like me you are a great driver. If you don't you are a terrible driver. It's like caveman politics, "my guy good, your guy bad".

All elected officials correspondence should be public, peri…

It is as if the Republicans in the Roundhouse wanted it to be gridlocked. They should know that if they eased up on what they sent to the Senate the conservative Democrats would agree and pass it, but Noooooo!, they want all or nothing, just like at the federal level.

This is why we…

They might have saved some money if they had done some address checking. I received this mailer and I live in the Pojoaque School District.

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