Harvey Morgan II

A rudderless ship doesn't care which way the wind blows.

I always loved his cartoons. Oliphant and Ben Sargent (from my Texas years) always could nail it.

Look inward Steve.

Harveytime commented on Special session to begin Tuesday

Your neighbor is gaming the system. He or she is the problem. Does that make every effort to help people in need wrong? You might remember Reagan and his minimally occurring "welfare queens & Cadillac's". I banked my "stimulus" payment to help my brother. What do you suggest to be done?

Dang right. (no profanity)

A Republican leader speaking about political hypocrisy? The Republican Strategic Reserve of gall is overflowing.

Your conclusion may be correct but we don't have a whole lot to go on yet.

This is an issue that has been ignored for a long time. The PRC and the Legislature needs to push (not ask, push) the utilities, PNM, CenturyLink, NM Gas, and the various electric coops to run fiber optic lines along their existing right of ways.

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