Paul Chadwick

"New Mexico Republicans"… Isn't that an oxymoron?

Why is there still a Repulbican party after Trump?

I'm reading that the profit motive and consolidation of services under out-of-state management are not always the best solution for community needs.[whistling][whistling]

Harley Granddad commented on Obelisk comes crashing down

This is not an effective way to protest. It turns a demonstration that could have been persuasive and educational into an act of criminal vandalism that completely overshadows in many people's minds any justifiable complaint the protest may have been about. It's time we all start thinking…

Well deserved, and a light sentence considering the crime and consequences.

Harley Granddad commented on Influx of moths bugging Santa Fe area


Anyone have a pet bear we can rent for a week or two?


Additional misinformation. The LANL does include a biological research group. It is not 100% a nuclear weapons lab. See here:


I do believe that Dr. Michael Johnson's statement here is incorrect. Exponential growth does occur if the percentage increase per day (or any period) is positive and remains at the same or higher (or lower for that matter) positive number over time. Linear growth (in contrast …


We have Republicans in New Mexico? How sad!

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