Haley Schuster

Be patient! And part of the art in this may be that no one but the finder ever knows the answers

None of those

Agree x1000

He won’t come forward anytime soon because he would be attacked with anger and attempted lawsuits. You honestly think you’d go and tell the news if you found something like that? Rude to call Fenn names, but it 100% is true and you are just upset it wasn’t you.

Not to mention how angry everyone already is! He doesn’t want that targeted at him. Everyone would true to sue/get a piece

Except it wasn’t? People personally know the guy that found it? Everyone’s just salty

1. Why did you make this about politics at the end

2. Many artists don’t do things just so the mass public will understand them. It’s not about you/the viewers

3. I know who found it and they have every right to stay anonymous. Look at how angry you all already are. Imagine if…

This is all invalid because I can confirm it was found and personally know the guy.

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