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Increase in cases due to testing, but no increase in deaths. As a percentage this is less of a threat than the regular flu, yet we don't close down for that. And its killing our economy.

Well the increase in the number cases is related to increased testing, not due to the increased spread of the disease.

Its all a hoax. The mask is a symbol of slavery. The reason the numbers are rising is because there is more testing. The tests show the remnants of a virus in the body. Not just Covid but all cold viruses. The more you test the higher the numbers. Yet look at the deaths very low. 15 days …

Well we know from the science that the Covid19 virus (due to its small size) can easily move through an N95 or comparable mask. The coronavirus measures between .05 and 0.2 microns in diameter. An n95 mask that filters 95% of particles 0.3 microns or larger. So I think its a false security.

[huh] So not sure I'm getting this, its about time for us to start taking the masks "off" right? Also, this applies to government employees only right? Why do citizen need to start wearing masks?

Such a negative article. We're ready to come out and I have No Fear about virus recurrence.

Makes me feel safer, I'm glad they are here.

I fully support the sheriff getting more AR-15 rifles.

Not sure I understand,... we're opening the state on June 1, so that means we're removing our masks then, right?

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