Jennifer Johnson

A good start. Keep going.

“ Providers in the state have administered at least one coronavirus vaccine dose to 31.4 percent of the population.” If this percentage is only for those administered by the state, what is the percentage that includes those who received theirs out of state?

“Will be Retired?” the Multi-Cultural mural and Santa Fe deserve better than this absurd euphemism. Accept responsibility for its destruction. It is a sad day when a so-called “art town” chooses to destroy one of its most valuable assets - and under the watch of the Historic Review Board.…

There is so much wrong with this story: why is a person, Tafoya Lucero, who has proven time and time again unworthy of her position given a headline? Why does the New Mexican give the headline, entire beginning and ending of the story to profits over people? New Mexicans deserve better. A…

Thank you for featuring this work and awareness towards our very broken and racist prison system. There are several groups in NM doing critical work around this issue around including: Fight For Our Lives and Millions for Prisoners NM. Looking forward to the presentation.

Innocent until proven guilty. Why is this a story?

Thoughtful and insightful piece that addresses genuine issues of white supremacy in our community. The world will be a better place for having these youth as part of those actively working towards its evolution.

Thankfully, the SFUAD campus offers an excellent opportunity to build quality affordable housing in Santa Fe. Chainbreaker Collective and it’s allied partners around the country have the knowledge to lead the way in planning how these 64 acres can serve the very people who are are the bac…

Thank you Mayor and Councilors for formalizing this ban to keep all residents safe.

Until Webber can accept responsibility for his culpability in this, his words will ring hollow. The hypocrisy in his saying that those who tore down the monument “broke the bonds of trust” is astounding and more than troubling. His promises to indigenous people, and subsequent ignoring of…

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