Marielle Valenzuela

One might hope your suggestion is pure satire. Alas, I doubt it. It's pure Santa Fe Blue, add more regulations, pass more rules, oversee the people with ever more interference. It's not hard to shop. Get over yourself. Go home. Stay home. Order online so you don't interfere with real peop…

Now that is truly idiotic. On a Santa Fe Whiny Blue Wokeabilly could come up with a bureaucratic way to add more rules and regulations to our lives. Go home and stay home.

"The Great State of New Mexico" — what kind of sycophancy is this disgraced "journalist" peddling? It starts out nonsensically with that intro. But I digress. She has no right to attempt to force New Mexicans to be tested. No symptoms, no test. I will not comply, nor will my family. My hu…

The website says "coming in 2019." How then, now that this is actually 2020, can we watch these episodes. Are they available online? We don't watch TV, least of all NPR, but I'd like to see some of these.

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