Cindy Eakin

Tom, you might want to check out property taxes in Texas before you wag your finger at NM. Purchase a $350,000 house, pay $12,000 per year in property tax.

Income tax does not tell the whole story.

Zero income tax does not necessarily equate to a lower cost of living.

I happened to be in the area around 3:30 and could see that there were protesters. There were multiple speeding vehicles Paseo de Peralta and turning north onto Otero, all flying Trump flags and banners. I continued around the Paseo, spent about 10 minutes dropping off a few items. As I h…

Please try re-writing this article. It is unintelligible. Perhaps an example of the effect of the changes made compared with what was described by Probst.

Oh my goodness. I know Earl in a professional capacity. What an ordeal! I’m so glad he is doing better.

The goal should be to get real broadband to all residents. 1000 kilobits (1.0 megabits) does not even qualify for broadband under current standards. The standard for broadband is 4 megabits or 4000 kilobits. We are lucky to to get 1.5, on a good day and must use our Verizon LTE (approximate…

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