Jeff Clark

The police said it appears the driver was at fault, not the cyclist. Is got to be pretty cut and dried. One of them had a stop sign and the other didn't. Since the police say the driver seems to be at fault its likely he was coming out of Calle Primavera onto Yucca.

Whether other cy…

Well said Rebecca. Such totally lame reporting.

Lee, exactly!

A lot more gardening is going on for sure

The economy and tourism will not thrive in the midst of a pandemic. Its not a choice of one or the other.

I'm glad to be living in a state with a governor who is willing to make hard choices.

Have all his guns been removed?

When I see what's going on directly to the east and west, I am so thankful to have MLG in charge.

Onate was recalled from New Mexico and tried and convicted of cruelty to both the Natives and his own people. He was banished from the New Mexico for life and Mexico City for five years.

That is the real history of Onate. He was not a hero.

What is your point? That because there are some criminals out there its ok for the police to do whatever they like?

He instituted a system of consent decrees to make it possible for the justice departments to investigate police brutality and demand changes from the forces.

Trump's justice department totally defanged the system.…

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