Edward Brown

So Egoff limits debate and Sherriffs get a minute each. This was the land of the free and the home of the brave. But now the Socialist have taken over.

Your headline should be DEMS & GOP flood New Mexico with DARK MONEY money! Headline does not support the facts. But that is what we usually get from the SFNM.

From her campaign, I got the feeling that fiscal responsibility is NOT job one. The excess money could have been donated or returned to the city. Remember, the funds are our tax dollars.

A link that works https://electroverse.net/nasa-predicts-next-solar-cycle-will-be-lowest-in-200-years-dalton-minimum-levels-the-implications/

Unfortunately, our GOVERNOR would rather ignore what is happening - NASA: Heading to a solar minimum https://electroverse.net/?s=Dalton+minimum+

"Down under" the flu season was bad and the vaccine did not work. Based on this empirical data I would call into question the LANL forecast.

It will not stand.

Unfortunately he is not alone. Why are public funds going to a hospital that is not serving the public good?

PPO: Another issue is the lack of a PPO. BC/BS was denied a rate increase - necessary to cover millions of dollars in losses in the current year. They cancelled their plans in…

A non-profit! Where did you get that gem from?

Climate change is a given and so are the purveyors of pseudo sciences. In the 70s it was Global Cooling Alarmism - http://www.populartechnology.net/2013/02/the-1970s-…