Eli Bransford

Good article that asked good questions and makes solid points. More of this please.

""Their plan is to divide the city and incite a culture war," Anderson said in the statement." - This is a false, slanderous statement made against me. I invite anyone to watch my videos and judge for yourself what is happening in our town we all love. I'm easy to find on YouTube, just se…

There are real world consequences for real people when these extremist groups inspire this kind of hatred in our community. Hate that attempts to inspire others to hate all of our history (against factual history) and the Spanish culture then criminally tear down public property. Now thes…

Excellent perspective by Virgil Vigil! Agreed 100%

Janet, looking at a "colonial" or non colonial perspective is thinking inside a box of it's own which is part of this problem. I encourage you to think past your perspective on history as well. Although I do not speak for Protectiva, I am a member. You can find more of our perspective in …


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