Leesa Vigil

Not feeling sorry for Rodella. The others should've receive harsher penalties, rather than they all should get off the hook or a slap on the wrist.

Too bad there aren't any pictures. I'd like to see the dog surf or sport a tux.

Democracy benefits from more voices and more candidates!

Please for the sake of the state and the future of young people, improve the state's internet and cell phone connectivity!! When millennials these days are rejecting government work or working for others, they're creating their own work developing apps or completely outside-the-box work t…

A life well-lived. Sounds like he was a prince of a guy.

Much of the new economy includes teleworking, which saves both time and money. It's a shame that there isn't a more reliable internet connection statewide. This could provide a lot of folks the opportunity to stay home to live and work.

Rest In Peace, Ms. Fidel. Vaya con Dios!

Rest In Peace, Gloria. Wishing love and peace to the Mendoza family. Thank you for your voice and passion. You made a difference, with character and love for your community that it so deserves/d.

The allegations sound like a huge joke, sour grapes. Whatever! Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. He should get his day and be able to say what happened, but it sounds like attention seeking and mud-slinging. Good luck with that!

Maybe you weren't around back during the Richardson administration? She didn't stay the whole two terms, and I'm not sure she served a full first term either, precisely because she stood her ground, both on policy as well as personal issues. She wasn't a go along to get along kinda gal.