Gene Hill

I will take your comment as a joke. The people I know that work in state government haven't had a break for over a year, and the same goes for those of us who support them.

I was reading this going to find out the details of this attack and see nothing. It would have helped of the senator clued is in here as to what actually happened, it was it just too vicious to repeat? Guess I'll have to look elsewhere.

Yes I recall. What a burn to us local old timers to make 988 a national hotline number 😱

Lucille your scientific lecture on this matter has a valid point but doesn't address the commenters scenario about being alone. The probability of infection is exponentially reduced by a combination of distance and duration. Walking directly into a cough/sneeze cloud that poses a risk is …

Father Brito I appreciate that sentiment and I will always have faith in God, but when I see the my ancestral church being so severely politicized it shakes my faith in that institution. I sincerely hope you have learned from this episode.

It might be the kind of apology made only because he got in trouble for it. If he's really sorry he will find ways to make it up, as a good priest instructs his followers. One thing about being Catholic is believing the worst people are still redeemable.

That term was coined 100+ years ago. Don't you think that maybe we should have evolved a little bit then?

This has been reported to the moderator for being a baseless lie. May I remind you, you're posting on a newspaper website and you really need to put your garbage out elsewhere.

Indeed, the Anaya case did have the appearance of an out and out murder by NMSP. We didn't have the recording devices available back then so we went ever really know.

Not a parishioner (I presently live out of town) but I've attended mass at St. Anne and sensed they were a politicized parish supporting the pussygrabber in the name of "pro life" but now I know for sure. Never again.

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