Edwina Gardner

"It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honoured by the humiliation of their fellow beings." Ghandi So happy Pearce has tied himself to a man who demeaned voters (elections were rigged), ridiculed women (who called his lies ....lies, and who nurtured an insurrectio…

Thank goodness our congressional delegation is safe. However, I cannot wrap my mind around someone from our state trying to disenfranchise votes from other states. I realize "sticking to your word" may be honorable, but really, doing so because of false allegations has no honor. None.

Thank you Ms. Leger Fernandez for your commitment to the state of New Mexico.It's comical that Yvette Herrell fulfilled her constitutional duty to the Trump narrative and to the Republicans against ARIZONA votes.

Ms. Herrell has joined the class of people who vow to restrict the sanctity of the American vote. She is all for restricting, nullifying, destroying the vote ..... but not for her or for Trump. Under the guise of fraud, they want to destroy elections by "the people". They don't want us to…

I seem to remember (not so long ago), when Republicans refused to work with Democrats...and now all you hear is whining and crying because Republicans are on the outs. Conservatives really like whining about the loss of their values....but in reality....they make money off of it.

A. Question the vote. B. file a lawsuit C. Pass laws to restrict the vote. D. Only let Republicans vote. Ta Da.....control.... Pearce right in with the long game. He is so obvious and now he has Ms. Herrell right under his thumb.

Reeks of racism. I guess what they are saying only White votes count. Not Hispanic, African American or Native American votes. This is abhorrent in our state. Ms. Herrell is not upholding our Constitution...big surprise...not.

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