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While I agree the color is nice, I am concerned that these property owners built a portal without a permit and surely knew they were testing the color guidelines. The right way to pursue this is to get a variance in advance. Then they could have made all their claims about how the color i…

It's not the governor or city laws that keep me out of art galleries, restaurants and shops--I don't even bother to keep track of what's legal and what isn't. It's the science. Not everyone gets the opportunity to study microbiology at the university level, but I did. There are some peopl…

This lawsuit might turn into a good mechanism to get more information out to the nearby property owners and to Santa Fe generally. It also might make the nonprofits doing this to think harder about security, safety and appearances for the project. But I doubt it will stop the project.

If Americans only had the will of people in other countries, we could have done a brief total shutdown and then functioned much closer to normal. But no. Americans won't do what they need to do, and that is why we are all suffering.

Correction, my oversight. The link is in a sidebar at the top of the article. With my screen shrunk I didn't see the sidebar.


Showed up on my husband's iPad, not my laptop


The link showed up on my husband's iPad but not on my laptop.

Drummer commented on A Texan to Santa Fe: Sod off

I do not speak to anyone outside who is not wearing a mask. I also try to avoid eye contact with anyone not wearing a mask. If you're close enough to hear me, you are supposed to be wearing a mask. I warmly greet people who are mask wearers. SOCIAL PRESSURE SAVES LIVES. It's as simple as …

This housing project is going to require experienced, dedicated, and passionate management. Big challenges include: 1. Too many units, too much concentration of low income folks in one place; 2. Units are too small for a family or couple to live in, and all single occupancy units brings i…

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