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I propose sending N. Ana Garner on an all expense paid, 2 week, fact finding trip to India to investigate the hoax.

Whatever the outcome, spending 3 hours of City Council time discussing a single gate is a huge waste of everyone's time. I'm sure there are more important things to address. If people feel the current mayor is not doing his job perhaps these kind of issues are one reason.

I believe the best way to get a vaccine is to find a provider who has some. Try pharmacies, hospitals and health providers. Dealing directly with them is going to be faster than waiting for the state government to contact you.

Yes it should be lower. But, it has been a long and hard fight over many years to get to even 36% (fingers crossed). The lending businesses have influence and lots of money to spread around in the legislature.

Doug Lonngren commented on Safe while shopping?

As some states and cities have already discovered, requiring masks can lead to threats and even violence. I am a huge proponent of masks and think everyone should wear one. But I don't want retail workers to be the front line for mask enforcement.

Doug Lonngren commented on Letters to the editor, Nov. 16, 2015

Jesus Alarcon's letter is reminiscent of tobacco executives testifying to Congress that cigarettes don't cause cancer and are not addictive. Multiple studies have shown that soda, regular AND diet, are contributing causes of obesity. Soda is not food. If a tax on it discourages consumptio…

That is a very good point! I was wondering about that myself. The article frames it as two choices when there are actually many other options for people on Medicare.

Based on the numbers above, they will spend $560,000 before construction even begins. Take all that money and improve existing spaces rather than build something new that will cost a huge amount more and that will require yearly maintenance and management. I'd like to see a breakdown of ho…

Rick Martinez should charge them $17,000 for repainting it.

I doubt it is Facebook sending those messages. Much more likely it is a scam of some type. Also, couldn't he just block the number?

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