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Diane Rolnick

Please listen to Dr. Friedrichs! Our healthcare providers are warn out and doing the best job they can.

Watch out for the so called "pop-up" sites. They do not honor time slots and one can be waiting 3 hours. This is a disgrace. The DOH site and the pop-ups and the pharmacies who are a month out and one cannot sign up in advance of 2 weeks. DOH and this administration does not care about ou…

My partner signed up for a booster shot, also at 11. He was there early and called me from the line to tell me he would be there for hours based on how far back he was (many long loops away) and how slow everything was moving. Since he could not lose his place in line to find someone who …

Thank you Alfred Young Man for writing about Jeff's story. I was a colleague of Jeff's at IAIA where I taught on and off for a number of years. He was exactly as you described a lovely man and fine artist. I will miss bumping into him in town and had been looking forward to exchanging stu…

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