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$1,400 per month for 720 square feet. That is $16,800 a year. A person making $15 per hour working five days a week, 50 weeks a year makes $30,000 per year. Rent would be 56% of income.

The city seems to follow the trickle-down approach to affordable housing.

It is not immediately obvious to me why the wealthiest (by far) county in New Mexico should get a free gift of 3,000 acres from the feds. Los Alamos already exists as something of a world apart from its neighbors -- this would only accentuate this trend.

Why not give 3,000 acres to …

The serious underlying problem is the lack of county trails in the northern portion of Santa Fe County. We have an intolerable 20 year, 30 million dollar failure of the county to build a single inch of trails north of Tesuque.

t seems entirely likely that Santa Fe City and County's drinking water will become significantly worse. The future holds less water and more contaminants. When do we stop kidding ourselves about population growth? Will we grow ourselves to a place were the trickle of water is foul, the tr…

The problem with a "warm and fuzzy" person-to-person request is that the agency responding is under no legal requirement to be complete and candid in its response. It can omit records in secrecy and with impunity.

Hire a journalist for a journalism department.

Think this is bad? What about:

Someone writes a letter to multiple media outlets accusing an elected official in the midst of an election of unsavory acts. There is no sworn complaint to the legislature or the police or to anyone at all and only the vaguest of charges. Let us be cle…

Excellent reporting!

I agree with Mr. Brown. I am getting sick with hearing about bad dams, but no specifics. The people whose lives are threatened deserve to know. What about the Nambe Dam? Is it safe? What areas would be flooded if it failed?

There is a strange double standard. The group that rewrote Aamodt with the 611 (g) agreement never had an open meeting, never held a public hearing, never asked for comments. As far as I know, the agreement is not actually completed and we still have not seen the final product. Yet, this …

You don't throw good money after bad is actually a sound economic principle. I am disappointed that Smith, a supposed conservative, does in fact advocates exactly that -- throwing good money after bad. The Space Port is a money pit. It is time for it to become self-supporting.

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