dennis feeley

Very nicely written and a gentle reminder to all of us who can at times be impatient.

Lovely story.

The weather report posted under the new section for the next 7 days has an entirely different forecast than this article? What’s up with that? Get it together guys.

Jesus lived a life of tolerance filled with love for all regardless of their politics. This priest needs to apologize and read the gospels. If he is so insensitive about his choice of words than the Diocese needs to replace him.

I don't know who you are sir, but your are sure quick with a word and swift with your knife. Yet, like many critics all you do is ambush without an suggestion of a remedy or specifics of how she created an "unmitigated health and economic disaster". I am a part time tax paying New Mexico …

Thank you for your unbiased and factual accounting of the last 6 months. Life for many of us will never be the same. Not only have we lost loved ones and seen our economy falling apart but for many of us we feel like America is lost and worse yet may never have been what we thought it was…

My wife and I were subscribers for years. We loved the local stories about art and culture as well as history of Santa Fe. Then, few years ago the magazine changed it format. It primary focus became marketing and most of the great writing and stories vanished. We stopped subscribing, but …

The Iguana's are a quintessential New Orleans funk and fusion band. They are a must see for anyone who enjoys Delta music.

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