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Yes, everything was done behind closed doors, with the exception of the vote to approve the contract.

Mr. Becher,

As the blog post states, he was arrested for shoplifting.

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The city filed a lawsuit against Datamatic LTD, which sold the city the defective devices. The company had gone bankrupt, and when I last checked, nothing had been decided in the bankruptcy court. I'll provide an update as soon as I find out where things stand. Thanks for raisin…

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These are volunteer positions.

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Ms. Cohen,

The proposed store would be located next to Los Trujillo's east of Bode's.



I don't know how they were selected, but here are the names of the high-profile Instagrammers and the number of their followers:

A total of 8 social media influencers were
brought to the city, including:
Christoffer Collin // 787k followers
Kael Rebick // 369k fo…

Ms. Garcia-Martinez,

It is my understanding that city employees give up another holiday so they can take the day after Thanksgiving off.

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I asked Guy Gronquist, chairman of the shelter's board of directors, why the shelter didn't stay open longer or even all day. The reason, he said, is primarily because of lack of funding. "We do the very best with the resources that we have," he told me Tuesday.