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David Salt Lake commented on Cowboys for Trump leader arrested by FBI

Hey Couy....Now you may perceive yourself as a role model in prison.

Since we all know where you live based on your note variety maybe we should all go Like a mob and ransack your property and see how you feel about that!

But then again he would speak through both sides of you…

Steve, please clarify, "Trump will be our President Forever", I'm sorry but I don't understand? Trump was voted as President for a set time frame just like all the past gentlemen who chose to serve this office.

Are you referring to infinitum of his Presidency? I would think not, so …

Ms. Stefanie, I agree with your deductions. One thing I would like to know, why doesn't the Treasure Finder come out and give more specifics as to where the Treasure was found! Wyoming....come on give more information so as to end this "MYSTERY" to everyone interested. This would put clos…

David Salt Lake commented on Bankrupt Santa Fe Archdiocese lays off 20

Stephanie, thanks for reading my post. Some spelling errors..sorry! No worries. My educational information comes from various sources. The Washington Post and NY Times covered this in detail over the past several years. As a quick source I went to Google and listed all priests in the worl…

David Salt Lake commented on Bankrupt Santa Fe Archdiocese lays off 20

Stefanie, I enjoy your posts and most of the information you try to convey he’s very punctual and son what factual. My only question to you is yes the Catholic Church did do coverups on pedophiles and sex abusers, but do you actually know the percentage of all those priests that were in t…

Steve go to TACO BELL! Oh well they discontinued the Mexican pizza about $4.25 but you can always pick another item off the menu for under $3.00. Let's unify and hope the wonderful restaurants in Santa Fe can flourish and have eating out a excellent experience.

Great Article! Both Gomes and Cole are role models and kind gentleman to the kids and community! On the humous side, some could call this blatant conflict of interest....Ha! My hats off to the both of you and keep up the great work with the kids as an inspiration to all in Santa Fe.

Congrats to Mr. Dan B. He has a good head on his shoulders and astute on the needs of the northern residents. Best of luck for 2020 and your cooperative work during the upcoming legislative session!

Very nice and informative article to help children. Is there a web link or other source to find out more on where to provide a contact directly with the organization that manages the miniature horses?

We will be visiting Santa Fe for the holidays and would like to visit and donate t…

David M. To add peaceful words, those who wish to kneel or bow are choosing to for respect or a spirituality representation or symbolism of faith and love.

Everyone shall make their own choice. Simple peaceful words. David A. Martinez Salt Lake City

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