David Martinez

Pat......you are hilarious! Great Post! [wink]

Why does mike Johnson post negative nonsense….. it would be just as easy for me to say this restaurant is closing because of Mike Johnson…yes you are the main this! You caused this!!! So don’t try and deny it!

Baby steps baby steps, if this takes a foothold in Espanola maybe other businesses will be attracted to this conservative city and possibly a strengthening of the local economy.

We cannot sink our heads in the sand and say…no development or new businesses otherwise we would all be l…

[smile] What a great idea and concept! Will be exciting to see it actually rolling down the tracks. I’m hoping it will attract a lot of the locals and tourists which can eventually elevate this as a main staple for entertainment in Santa Fe.

My only reservation is that the populatio…

Nice article and very informative to know their is a Club on the West side of our City.

On the humors side what happens when the East Siders or Norteno Gang members hear about this….will they claim this as part of their territory??? 🦾

Never trust a person with two first names or two last names: example John Clark or Vigil Coppler…suspicious to me!!!

Development???? With the New Mexico water shortage!!! That is an oxymoron!!!

New Mexico is in a 20 year draught…Mr. Peters….hello are you there???

You made a bad investment buying land that has limited water!!! Sell the land…for grazing or to keep its environmental beauty inta…

For the past 20 years New Mexico has been behind in water conservation.

The surrounding states Texas, Colorado, and Arizona have all had foresight into the water conservation in taking the right steps to bring water and its resources to their state. New Mexico is way behind and base…

Fly Fishing??? Where??? The closest Premier flyfishing maybe northern New Mexico or southern Colorado or even San Juan. But those take 2 1/2 to 3 hours to get to! So for a one day fly fishing excursion you’d have to get up from your $1000 a night hotel at 5 o’clock in the morning drive ou…

I agree with all the comments noted. Hopefully a new well established Buffet will penetrate New Mexico and eventually Santa Fe. I've been to one called Chuck-A-Rama with 12 locations mostly in Utah. Sorry to hear about the closing.

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