Dan Chase

Start with the police department administration, with captains making around $47 per hour and deputy chief making more I think they can afford it!

While I agree SFPD leadership sucks make no mistake Williams is an insubordinate troublemaker who has only been able to avoid discipline because her superiors were to afraid of dealing with a female who is homosexual

Sure seems like the detective recalls turning it in and what motive we he have not to? I highly doubt he would want that evidence just sitting in his front seat...however the administration wants to rely on their records vs his recollection and blame him. Well we all know what SFPD’s reco…

If she hated guns why did she just ease the restrictions on gun stores? Your ignorant

She wasn’t ready for this job and neither were the incompetent people she brought in...lot of problems at DFA. Gov pay attention you can’t just put your friends or people you think will do a good job in budgetary positions, maybe others but not DFA

Hopefully you will truly be a leader, get the virus and people will learn to follow the gov’s order! Your an idiot!

Its not possible to show that duh! If social distancing works then it’s prevented cases,

As usual your an idiot and I bet your single? Divorced perhaps?

If the governor wouldn’t have done anything people would complain. She did do something and did so right away and people complain. If you get this virus and your on a ventilator close to death let’s see what your complaining about then. Pray and love your fellow humans and the good lord b…

Who is going to deliver groceries to hundreds of people all day stupid. You think the grocery stores are just going to convert their employees to delivery people. Why don’t you go volunteer to deliver to people? Again your an idiot!

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