Curtis Brookover

If the trial was in NM the thug would be a victim, freed to walk and continue his destruction to society. The judges here are mostly indoctrinated marxist.

CNN defunding the police, democrat economy, democrat judges, democrat open borders (children sex trafficking and drugs), is not working? I am so confused now, CNN said everything is going great.

ADE- antibody dependent viral enhancement. Just like 80 percent vaccinated Israel.

Booster shot anyone? Antibody dependent enhancement amyone?

Makes you wonder why we abandoned Nuclear 21st century energy- oh that's right the democrats.

Guess the publication in journal of infection is not being discussed.

Exactly what Herman Cain ran on. Exclude so many tax exemptions. Seems like 50 democrat billionaires to every 1 republican. Wall Street, New York, Big tech, Big Pharma, media, Big government politicians.

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