Craig O'Hare

You raise some valid points, Robert. But let's cut to the chase: Are you against police brutality and do you recognize it's a huge problem for African Americans? Do you support racial justice and want to help promote it? If "Yes", than let's not focus so much on party affiliation or the s…

And what, exactly, does your comment have to do with an article about a peaceful demonstration in our community against uncalled-for police brutality and for racial justice, "Maximum"?

It's pretty funny that Republicans for a particular candidate are whining about PAC money being used to help one candidate over another. Republicans aggressively and vociferously fight campaign finance reform that would end or even curb PACs' influence. Apparently, they can't be bothered …

Griffin is a member of Cowboy (Terrorists) for Trump - a group of heavily-armed violent people masquerading as church-going "family ranchers."

Is there no discussion of opportunities to raise some revenue as opposed to strictly looking at cutting and reducing services? Santa Fe has plenty of "quite well off" (including me) citizens that can easily afford to pay more in taxes.

It would have been helpful and informative if the Gov's other 12 endorsements, besides Harris, had been listed.

Mr. Ryness' commentary ran on the same day as this front page article in the New Mexican, "Data shows virus still spreading in every state." But, nevertheless, Ryness wants to get things back to "normal". He criticizes the "conventional wisdom" of the proven strategies and measures used t…

All caps makes it feel like you're yelling at us. Please don't.

Actually, it is the exact opposite of "capitalism", sister. It's government giving preferential treatment to megastores over local stores.

As you may (or may not) realize, the prices at nurseries, big box or mom and pop, is IRRELEVANT to the issue of whether nurseries should be open.

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