Craig O'Hare

A huge majority of Republicans continue to promote The Big Lie - claiming that the Presidential election was "stolen". Shame on all of them for disrespecting our great nation's democracy.

Mark: I respect that you personally don't want or support the COVID vaccine. But to accuse others of being unthinking "sheep" because they've chosen, after weighing the risks and the benefits, to be vaccinated is really rude and disrespectful. Why do you seem to feel so threatened by othe…

And the delegates to the convention will be driving there at 120 miles per hour because they feel that speed limits also are an infringement on their "Constitutional freedoms."

Mike: You seem to be confusing "ego and arrogance" with integrity. The "many voters" you know in Roswell will have their say after one more legislative session to oust Anderson in the next election. Maybe they will; maybe they won't. Until then, personally I admire the Representative voti…

Your idea is not "great" Robert. It's callous. You clearly don't understand (or maybe it's that you don't care?) the issues around predatory lending and how hard-working citizens can be easy prey to, in your own words, the "loan sharks".

Apparently according to Sen. Ingle, "doing good things for New Mexico" doesn't include making sure our families have clean air to breathe or clean water to drink.

New Mexicans elected Gov. Lujan Grisham in a landslide in the last election. So what's your point, Chris? Let me guess. That the election was "stolen"?

Apparently, you didn't understand Rep. Chasey's arguments and as a result, chose to put words in her mouth instead. Classy. And, yes, per the NM state Constitution, the Legislature is in effect AWOL for 10 months out of the year.

Since the security fencing was directly in response to the Jan. 6 violent assault on our nation's Capitol by Trump-supporting Republicans, a precondition for removing the fencing should be: 1) Republican State Senators and Representatives publicly acknowledge that the Presidential electio…

Lots of angry complainers on this article. Probably none of whom have bothered to write their Senators and Representatives or testify in committee on a bill. They'd rather whine on social media than actually participate in our democracy.

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