Craig Meyer

It is a violation of the separation of powers for an executive official like a District Attorney to set the sentence. That is a judicial function. They can recommend, even strongly recommend, a sentence but it's up to the judge and whatever the statute says. I've seen judges turn down thi…

I was a young man in Portland during the Goldschmidt years and I would describe Goldschmidt the same way. He changed and revitalized Portland in so many ways. When he became governor his supporters, like me, thought he was on his way to becoming the first Jewish president. When the revela…

How controversial is the pit production anyway? Outside of dedicated activists I don't anyone else is talking about it. It would be a beautiful world if we didn't have to have a credible nuclear threat but we don't live in that world. The pits will be made somewhere and I'm glad to have t…

Sounds like for at least three days the average IQ in New Mexico is going up.

President Biden has nominated three new members for the Postal Board. Once confirmed they will be able to fire DeJoy. Biden is caught up, it's in the hands of the Senate now.

That is DeJoy's goal. He's heavily invested in logistics firms, at least one of whom is a contractor for USPS, that would financially benefit from the collapse of the Post Office.

Being from the Northwest, I have two observations of what happened up there that are relevant to these discussions. 1. The state of Washington decided, like Dr. Johnson recommends, to use the highest tax rate possible. The result was pot that was much more expensive than black marketeers …

When Ronald Reagan appointed James Watt as Secretary of the Interior. The war on the environment started that very day.

Another needless grovel by the Democratic Party. Republicans are a minority in this country yet retain outsized power due to their ruthlessness. But the hapless Democrats want to unilaterally surrender in the battle to save this country. Democrats never learn.

The only way to diminish the systemic racism in this country is to call it out even if, to other Republicans, it seems to be no big deal. In between gigantic acts of racism black Americans have suffered thousands of small cuts like that displayed by Mr. Baca.

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