Craig Meyer

Sadly, most of the R regulars here in the New Mexican commentariat are systemically incapable of the extraction you suggest. Nice try though. Deranged about Trump indeed.

Was the Plaza Cafe cleaning those tables? If other members of the public came and sat at those tables between Plaza Cafe customers did they then go out and clean the tables and benches again? Those table are neither owned or controlled by the cafe. I wouldn't sit at one of those open tabl…

Perhaps Faux News watchers believe this to be a lie but no actual thinking people do. We, the newly third-world country of the United States of America are setting new records every day for infections due to community spread. That happy place in your head, Mr. Bartlett, doesn't exist.

There's no reason to have a Republican governor. Were you asleep the previous four years? I used to vote for Republicans but they've wandered so far off the trail of sanity that it's dangerous to have them in charge of anything. Maybe someday they will reclaim themselves.

Is it true that it's bliss?

Ms. Johnson says the government can't compel her to put something on her body. If she really believes that she should try walking around the plaza naked and see what the government has to say.

If he's elected, it will be because enough Americans woke up and realized the imminent peril this country is in if Trump gets reelected. Joe Biden isn't the all time greatest candidate but he'll do the important task of saving the country.

Horse pucky. I lived in Oregon before coming here six years ago. Oregon has had an all-mail ballot for more than twenty years with no problems whatsoever. There were a couple of fraud incidents early in the process. One was a husband voting his wife's ballot and the other, ironically, was…

I came here from Oregon in 2014. Up there, only police cars are allowed to have blue lights. I was very surprised here where all sorts of vehicles have them. It was confusing. If they were exclusive here there wouldn't be as big a problem.

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