Melissa Savage

A very far-fetched comparison.

When did the Republican Party become such an enemy of environmental protection? A while ago, but I remember when they wanted to protect the environment.

Dear Bunkowskis,

Welcome to Santa Fe! You have wonderful store and even in the short time you have owned Wild Bird Unlimited, you have been generous and friendly. Looking forward to your column, especially in breeding season.

I finally received an invitation to a vaccine event. As soon as I logged in, the message said, sorry the event is full. Now, why did they send out invitations to more people than could get a vaccine?

There seem to be a lot of over 75s wondering when they'll get vaccinated. I thought people in congregated facilities and we ancient ones would have an early opportunity.

The New York Times reports New Mexico has received in total 351,050 doses. This article says we've received 312,250. Which is right?

Not knowing where traps and snares are set, even close to trails, is worrisome. This law is well overdue.

People, how about a little civic patience. New Mexico is THIRD in the nation for delivering the vaccines that we are allotted. I'm ashamed of the level of civility among the writers of posts. And I hope everyone doesn't share this childishness. It's a health crisis for heaven's sake.

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