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Whoa, there, Dr. Johnson. I expected you to congratulate the President on saying it is a matter of concern, not panic. I expected that because of your rant yesterday about everyone saying it was worse than the bubonic plague and smallpox, combined.

You should go downtown. Or read the recent article in this paper about the explosion of tax revenue the City is enjoying. Clearly, the tourists do not share your view of policy, mandates and ambience.

I like it here. As we wean ourselves off of right-wing tax policy that has kept our state poor, I'll like it even better.

The same kind of claim was made about tens of thousands leaving the New York City Police Department. It didn’t happen. And thousands more abandoning the military. It didn’t happen. And planes grounded by crews leaving the airlines. It didn’t happen. In the widely publicized case of a heal…

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Many people believe in the scientific method. We believe in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses. That is to say, we have a belief in that system.

I put no words in your mouth. I drew a reasonable conclusio…

conserve_our_future commented on Hard-won democracy is at stake in U.S.

Or, alternatively, you could have kept reading. One supposes that you wouldn't like to hear a comparison between the Trump party and fascism, either. Although the dictionary definition of fascism is, according to Merriam-Webster:

often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement,…

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Stopping crime isn't; your comment is.

conserve_our_future commented on Slipping into anarchy?

McKenzie, I would bet dollars to donut holes that the fine Mr. Keele will rush to a hospital bed should he get sick with Covid.

To know the truth, you would have to get your news from journalists and your death totals from scientists. My figure of 500,000 has been reported and verified by those sources. That figure is actually now lower than the actual fact. One supposes you object to both those sources of informa…

If Trump had taken effective action at the beginning, he might still be President. A half million Americans would still be alive so it would have been a trade-off.

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