Robert Feldner

GOOD. I truly believe the #'s of the vaxxed are much LOWER than the NMDOH is stating (as they have LIED non stop for one year straight)

MLG (along with others) have destroyed all faith in the public health care system...tragic.

WE will not be held hostage by big pharma and the…

"My corrupt partner in the SOS office investigated me and found no wrong doing"

NM last in all - this rot starts at the top with MLG

lies lies lies from liars

Well as a person who was right in the middle of this event - lets do a tally of the violence:

People Killed: 0

Arrests made:0

People assaulted:0

Windows broken:0

Fires started:0

Feelings and egos hurt by NM elites:100%

Americans of all colors and …

Incredible event. Watching NM'ers from all walks and ethnicities stand together against soiled liar who is owned by big pharma and abusive tech, who destroying NM small business to make way for international Corporations to take over, against a Governor who has destroyed education, health…

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