Cynthia Lamb

I agree there should be housing equity, but there has been no mention of “the elephant in the room” where do we get the water to support this new growth? This is the more pressing issue, we are experiencing extreme drought with possibly no end in sight for decades. This sounds pessimistic…

I hope so. According to the NY Times recently, while the case numbers were declining, hospitalizations & deaths were on the rise in NM. The conclusion was that positive Covid cases were being under reported in this state.

I would add...where ever abortion is prohibited, there should be a complementary law whereby a MAN who fathers a child and does not contribute to the support and well being of that child should be castrated.

I saw the MAN protesting abortion on Paseo yesterday. My immediate thought regarding him was..."get a uterus." When he becomes capable of giving birth, THEN he may have an argument I would be willing to listen to.

clealamb commented on A Texan to Santa Fe: Sod off

The feeling is mutual, Chester. If you can't respect our laws, stay in Texas.

I agree with Pat Lillis. Santa Fe's Short Term Rental Ordinance should include a primary residency requirement. I have watched Hillside Avenue change significantly over the past 10 years, and not for the better. I am surrounded by second homes and short term rentals whose guests have not …

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