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Would you hire someone with zero relevant experience?

This is very good news. U of Chicago economists (not known for liberalism) have demonstrated that child care and early education is by far the most bang for the buck in social spending. It is our best guarantee that our children are prepared for the future.

Risk Management: Enlarging the pool of eligibility without increasing the supply of vaccine increases the risk of everyone. The most straight forward way to reduce the risk for all is to postpone the second vaccination until more supply is available. The initial vaccination has an efficac…

It is abundantly clear that NM is part of a nation wide GOP strategy to suppress the vote. Intimidation and disruption have been reported as the Republicans take advantage of the risk and fear brought on by the pandemic. They know, if people vote they lose.

While the County is to be congratulated on its quick response to the decrease in revenue, our dependency on tourism once again points to the need for diversification. Key to our economic development is expanding access and improving our broadband internet infrastructure. We are simply not…

I've seen a number of Herrell ads and no where does it mention she's a Republican.

Very discouraging! Yet again we read about the urgent need to something about our woefully inadequate broadband. So what is being done? A new organization, next year? Shuffling the bureaucracy is not what we need. We need action now.

NM is further proof that letting health experts set the policy and courageous politicians enable and enforce that policy is by far the best course of action for our public health and the economy.

There are two basic issues: The underlying causes of the high crime rate and keeping us safe. Trump and the GOP have pursued policies that enrich the rich and starve social support resources. As to what a few federal police can do to reduce crime, is questionable. At best it would have a …

If the goal is to bolster the political clout of liberal and progressive representatives, fracturing support for the Democratic Party may not be the best approach.

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