Amy Christiansen

Chris Christiansen commented on New Mexico GOP leader still stands by Trump

We all still stand by our President Trump!!! He is the best President ever! When biden starts making you angry and making you all pay bigtime, we dont want to hear any whining!!! You asked for it!

Why dont we ever see any obituaries of these covid deaths????

Chris Christiansen commented on Santa Fe County reports 41 new COVID-19 cases

All these numbers of new covid cases and deaths are hard to believe. Why don't we see all these people who have died listed in the obituaries????? Still think this the democrats trying to mess up the economy to make President Trump look bad.......

Chris Christiansen commented on Luján declines to take part in TV debate

Why are all Democrats afraid of debating this year???? Is it because they know the Republicans are goinng to sweep the elections anyway???

No mail in ballots!! The demoRats are trying to steal the election!

Wish biden would take grisham!! But even he is not that stupid!!! She bankrupted our state, made businesses close, and has the nerve to blame President Trump for everything!!! She also has the nerve to praise these evil Democrat women governors and mayors who are abetting tbe rioters and …

President Trump did not have New Mexico on his schedule of states to visit until the Albuquerque sheriff asked him to!!! The only reason the governor doesnt want him to come is because she doesnt like someone telling her what to do but she LOVES telling us what we can and cannot do!!!!!

If you're going to remove or change all our Spanish culture, you better be prepared to remove all native american and any other culture in our city!!! You cannot erase history, so leave it alone!!! Why are you listening to people that are not even from here if they dont like it they need …

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