Charles Andreoli

This is just democrat grandstanding. They want to paint 2nd amendment advocates as being violent and unruly.

Well Dan maybe it has something to do with the 4th, 5th, and 14th Section 1. Amendments of the US Constitution. Check it out you mat learn something. While you may not care if your Constitutional rights are violated most of us object. There is nothing sensible about this proposed law and …

Lorey Sebastian, after reading you smug, self righteous post the first thought that popped into my head was I wonder what he thought of you ? Probably something like "poor confused delusional liberal".

Another pompous, self righteous, professional student, anti President Trump nitwit who has nothing to bring to the table but vague personal opinion based on nothing more than "I hate Trump". A classic example of why our colleges and universities are in need of a good purging.

Another large steaming crock of horse dung brought to us by the anti Trump NYT. Adam Schiff is a Silver Tongue Snake who droned on for endless hours and produced absolutely nothing but opinion, innuendo, speculation and in many cases out right lies. Not one irrefutable fact was presented.

If you want to know where New Mexico is headed under single party democrat rule all you have to do is look at California.

William Ferguson, please list for us the obviously un-enlightened the actual evidence that has come to light. So far the only thing we have heard from the Kabuki Theater put on by the democrats is opinion , hearsay, supposition, fantasy, and in many cases just outright lies and not one ac…

Large steaming crock of liberal Horse Dung. About what you would expect from the WaPo. One point of clarification. President Trump the individual has never filed for bankruptcy. Entities within the Trump Corporations have legally filled for bankruptcy. Two entirely different things.

Hate to burst your bubble there Pat but it is obvious that you know nothing about the 2nd and how it was written. In the vernacular of the time and in the context of the 2nd Amendment . "well regulated" was defined as "well equipped". As in "A well equipped Militia, being necessary to the…

Just what we need in the State House, another space cadet.