Carolyn DM

LMAO!! Because Mr. Trump is the one destroying our country. What do you fascist loving Republicans have against truth and integrity? Your "president", has been impeached for a reason. Time to wake the he!! up!!

This is the best New Year's story ever!! Bravo to Claudia an the other great rescuers of our pet loving community!!

LMAO!! You mean like men such as Mr. Trump don't do this just once?! LOL! Brilliant coming from a "Dr."!

Says a goon whose text and dialog are about on the same 5th grade level and Mr. Trump's! LMAO!!

LMAO!! And the crazy gets more and more entertaining the longer this elusive BS continues!!

And of course there's no mention of how many if any units will be priced at the City's very own affordable housing requirement. Or are they just going to skirt the system and pay the bribe like the rest of the greedy developers always do?

Maybe actually put them where they're really needed this time, like on Siler past the Agua Fria intersection.

And yet, another 4 year old child has once again died in Albuquerque due to CYFD's neglect. The relatives said they reported the mother several times for neglect and abuse but the state gave him right back to her.