Carolyn DM

Bravo!! At last people can die with dignity! This should have happened long ago!


Exactly!! He seems to be a typical, narrow minded NIMBY!

It's great to see that the kids are being educated and actually get it, unlike so many adults. This gives us hope for the future!!

How about actually helping all the people that desperately need affordable housing for once, since you have such a strong affinity for letting developers skirt the affordable housing regulation while ignoring the residents of the city you supposedly represent.

Hilarious, since the buffoon Mr. Trumpf is the very politician that politicized mask wearing, and the majority of anti-maskers are ignorant, Trumpf loving Republicans.

Affordable housing should have been made available all along, with every single development that's been built in the last several years. This town is a freakin' joke when it comes to affordable housing and the homeless.

If Mr. Mayor Man would stop letting the big developers skirt the affordable housing regulation, this tax income could be appropriated for something else. This is a really pathetic way to try to get votes. He's not very good at making up for the damage he's already done.

And you believe the Earth is flat!! LMAO!!

CarolynDM commented on Wheeeee!

Oh, great. Texas has dropped all it's pandemic mandates so they can all come here to spread their cooties.

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