carol Johnson

This is a disaster for wildlife and trees. Junipers and pinons provide essential food for wildlife. Some of them are hundreds of years old. These trees prevent erosion and dried out soil, while cattle cause erosion, soil disturbance and habitat destruction. In a time of climate change, we…

I love this story but it also saddens me. I hope that nature can overcome the destruction that humans wreak upon our forests, water and wildlife. We intentionally destroy what nature has created and call it restoration. I pray for the horny toads.

Not a good decision for New Mexico. The Secretary of Agriculture and the Forest Service leadership follow the Trump philosophy that our forests are products to be cut and sold. Sadly, the $ is all to them and our national forests and public lands will suffer.

What is The Nature Conservancy up to? TNC and Dow Chemical are collaborating on "conservation projects" - give me a break TNC.

The Santa Fe National Forest would do well to close impassable mud bogged roads, as well as roads which access winter wildlife areas.