Robert Bartlett

"While D.C. officials are busy locking down the city for fear of the spread of the coronavirus, data from the Metropolitan Police Department show that homicides in the city are at the highest number since 2004.

On New Year’s Eve, the data showed that 198 people had been killed in 20…


Enjoy the next four years.

It looked mostly peaceful.[smile]


Bye bye Jim, it's been nice watching you lie to yourself.

Santa Fe is going to be be a wild place when we can all come out of our homes again. Happy New Year!

That's what I said. [smile]

Most people know that this is nonsense.

It's too late for that. The public school system and the malevolent influence of the teacher's union is coming to an end. The pandemic has a silver lining. Home schooling and real school choice is the future of K-12 education.

A lot of squealing going on in this thread. We must be getting close to the truth.

There appears to be no need for discovery and a trial in this case. The woke mob has decided (read their comments here) and the innocent will be punished further.

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