Robert Bartlett

Nothing dark about these ads. They are shining a bright light on the democrat coup attempt.

CarnerosRegion commented on Nancy Pelosi and that four-letter word

Tumulty does her best but totally fails to convince us all. Even the SFNM editorial board must have smiled at this attempt.

It appears that President Trump will have the opportunity to keep on winning and keep on making America great. Those silly and hateful leftist law professors were the last straw that broke the camel's back.

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"creating a space in which respectful communication becomes possible"

But agree with us smarter people or we will call you a denier.

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The trash and recycling drivers who come by our house each week are great. Give them a wave. They are an important contributor to our quality of life.

More importantly, don't send your kids to schools that don't teach and encourage patriotism. Of course, sadly that will very sharply reduce your choices.

Jerrold Nadler will give President Trump 50 electoral college votes.

Not much science in this propaganda piece.

Exactly. And of course all of these projects will require reliable and affordable energy.

Virtue signalling in the face of reality will not get the job done. President Trump understands that such windmill tilting is just foolishness. The American people want liberty, prosperity and the rule of law. Only a strong economy can deliver these for us.