Carlos Vasquez

"The real question" is how blatant of a racist are you?


Awesome , Beautiful, Cool...

thank you for the reality Patrick; retrumplicans in their deplorable anger/fear.

IF u are comparing the pizza party scandal that cost her a cabinet position (thank goodness) to a receipt then you have talking out of all the orifices syndrome - not unlike Lindsey Graham

just go back - no perspective , no context - just a retrumplican trying to escape your own mess?

the cancer continues... Get Off Plane...

some people think everything has an angle; it's a pandemic of the century. why don't you go back to tennesse with the rest of them? Alabama wouldn't have you, nor Georgia...

go to tennessee with the rest of them,on the double...

[thumbup][thumbup]This is simply the simple mind of Daniel Chacon; either the sfnm is giving him too much leeway, or he is angling to try retrumplicating... too late, too little, too low...bro[thumbdown]

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