Cardie Molina is a movement that can apply to this budding one, the more people learn about the history, traditions/process here the more attitudes and actions will improve.

There are perfectly suitable locations/acreage all over town for these type of developments. Where are the think "outside the box" realtors directing these non-local developers to the sweet spots?

Out of town developers need to take more time to become familiar with neighborhoods that they target. There is no reason not to have another senior assisted living here in SFe but put it somewhere logical and welcome. There are two lots for sale - a total of 7 acres- for sale between W. Zia …

Paco's exhibition is wonderful....he is a world class painter and the pastel portraits inspired by Jean Clouet are remarkable...I hope given the opportunity to experiment with this medium he will do more.. and you would never know they were his "first". Great article delving into t…

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