Bib Kuhl

Not gonna happen. Republicans value their 2nd anendment rights too nuch & Republican politicians do not/will not pass laws requiring what you advocate.

Omg stop. It was an employed, drunk, gun-owner (maybe a Republican?) being irresponsible. How in god's name do you get from that to warning about addicts? Stop riling people up.

Republican oolitical leadership now consists of people competing to shriek the loudest about the dangers of honest political discourse, court qanon, and act the most aggrieved.

Republican leadership absolutely loves queuing on because it keeps the people focused away from the real i…

Dude stop with the right wing am talk radio talking points. If you republicans would actually stop dismissing reported facts as lame stream media & hit- jobs, you night find out how much your beloved leaders like trump rile up everyone with culture & class war rhetoric, while scre…

OMG, Republicans are the biggest snowflakes. Always the victim, always aggrieved.

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