Bridget Johnson

Entitled homeowners who believe the rules do not apply to them. Bullying the City and wasting taxpayer $$$. Shame on them.

Last week my 81-year old husband, who has cancer, was given an "appointment" by the NMDOH vaccine registration website, to go to Nambe Drugs in Los Alamos at 9:20 Sunday morning to get a first shot of the vaccine. When he got there, Nambe Drugs was closed. No one there. A person on the st…

People died because they were careless and unprepared for navigating the wilderness. Not because of vague clues.

According to the SanI website: "Today the Pueblo consists of over 60,000 acres and has an enrollment of approximately 750 people."

750 people having exclusive access to over 60,000 acres of the most beautiful land imaginable.

Yet Ms Tse-Pe claims: "“I think people …

This is a ridiculous "controversy."

The point is that these people had the responsibility to learn about the kind of film this would be before auditioning as extras in it. It is a satire. The title itself is a BIG CLUE. And as many commenters have noted, Adam Sandler com…

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