B. Rosen

I really don’t like anyone who is running for mayor right now. Wish we had better candidates.

When in doubt, play your “trump” card: fear monger about immigrants. Hope this lady loses her bid to become governor.

I am in favor of calling people what they want to be called or refrain from calling them any name or using any name of theirs if they feel this is offensive to them, it seems like very little to ask. However, it really is just so much window dressing. Not one Native American’s life will b…

Compassionate conservative = oxymoron

And how do you conceal a machete in your shorts?[huh]

Ew. Just bulldoze it.

She obviously has a bad drug problem. Meth causes erratic and violent behavior like hers. Hopefully she can get treatment for her addictions while incarcerated.


The former president decided to politicize this pandemic because he botched his initial response to it. Now we have large groups of misinformed people on the fringe right wing equating vaccination with communism and they now believe in other wacko conspiracy theories with no basis whatsoe…

If you look at the article about the second shooting it says that Addison had been drinking and doing meth.

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