Robert Kowalski

Countdown to your next inane comment.

I understand you hate fact and evidence that don’t flow with your ignorant narrative. It’s sad but true. I hope your never on a jury.

Until the governor says a booster a year. So what about those who got the J&J? They need 2 boosters?

Another lie by the school. The dance was NOT open to middle school students. Middle school students were also told to go home monday yet weren’t at the dance. Why? To segregate the vaccinated and non-vaccinated. The school demanded vaccine proof as a way to contact trace. Another lie sinc…

Schools must adhere to NMPED guidelines. So

You can tell me that every unvaccinated person in that school was in close contact, unmasked for longer than 15 minutes? You think it’s ok for a school to go class to class and force non-vaccinated students to leave right then and there? T…

Oh no, no vaccinated person has ever gotten it or spread it. Oh and not one unvaccinated football player has tested positive. Try again ma’am.

Another pathetic attempt of Principal Sammy Govea to out non-vaccinated students. His comments to the parents that the need for vaccine cards was for “contract tracing” is an outright lie. The fact he has said it happens either Friday or Saturday proves it is another lie. He says he is fo…

And they know this how?

The purpose was to show that there were prior allegations against Mr Apodaca and that it wasn’t the first time. The principal did not follow reporting laws. She didn’t not have to have archdiocese approval to report this to law enforcement. She HAS to regardless of what they say. It is he…

Lee the parents are NOT believing the church. Many parents think both parties are lying in one way or another.

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