Robert Kowalski

Gotta love the change in narratives. First it was global warming but when it was shown to be cyclical it was changed to climate change. When it was shown that climate indeed cjnGe it is now “ climate disruption”. What’s next?

It’s nice to see that the city has its priorities set. Get public feedback for street lamps but will make decisions to take down monuments or refuse to protect them on their own. One of the worst mayors and city councils this city has seen. Embarrassingly pathetic.

Is anyone really surprised? He has lied about this from the start. He’s just another politician covering his own rear

I guess Ann feels that people should eat and drink through their make?

And all after Biden was sworn in. How convenient.

Well gee you didn’t know that once Biden was in office it would miraculously go down?

Such a miracle that the numbers started going down after Jan 20.....

Then you have that choice.

He professed vows to the church. Not to one person. You can’t pick and choose your vows

Thank you Fr. Brito for teaching the true Catholic ideology. Not one driven by false beliefs and liberal views. It’s not Archbishop Westers job to decide which doctrine should be followed snd which should be ignored. Archbishop Wester should be removed and be replaced with someone who doe…

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