Felice Cohen

Soon there won't be any Police Officers. Who would want to risk their lives with little to no support from this Governor? ABQ is a mess, we all know it and the Child Mayor spends his time virtue signaling vs. actually doing anything of substance. Meanwhile, Egolf is pushing his agenda lik…

Stoked racial bias...oh and gave huge sums pf money (Billions) to Iran.

Neither is your lame bias comment. What original thought have you provided? Just name calling. Yawn!

To answer your question, it is precisely because they are and have been led and run by Democrats, the Party of intolerance, racial injustice and deflection.

Perhaps the peace was kept because there were people protecting the city in addition to the men and women in blue.

Blame, this is America where people have freedom as guaranteed by the Consititution. The Blame for this debacle is China, that is fact. You stay home, you close your business, You can go on welfare or food stamps, but some folks in this State, actually want to work and support their famil…

Yep, just follow orders. We've heard it before and if MLG has her way, she will keep NM closed until, after the election, at a minimum.

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