Carmela Baca

Isn't it amazing how all these Republicans suddenly found their voice? When Trump was in office,.... crickets! Worst President ever and he still has these minions glorifying him and kissing his non existent bone spurs!

Richard Reminders, aka Richard Barely, you'd know. You're a big bully.

It's not her fault. Her friends made her do it, bad relationship, public defender incompetence, sketchy company. No loss for excuses. Yikes!

A sad day for America, indeed. We've lost an honorable patriot and heaven has gained an angel.

Joseph Tafoya's ignorance on this very important "Women's" issue is astounding. I strongly support mandatory and reversible vasectomies for all males beginning at age 13.

Since the mayor and his staff are incompetent, in your opinion, shall we expect to see your name on the ballot? You can be a write- in candidate, Mr. Mechels. Put your money where your mouth is. Show them how it's done.

Great story. Though it fails to highlight the important work the game and fish officers do on a daily basis on a starving wage.

Every day the same people are commenting, or to be more accurate, criticize, whine and complain. Stop already. Anyone can do that! Roll up your sleeves and be a solution, provide positive feedback and look for ways to improve your situation so that you can improve situations outside your …

I agree. Tom Keller is and will continue to be an excellent mayor.

Every American citizen is entitled to due process. She has not been charged with a crime. The comment that she hasn't fled the country is unwarranted.

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